The Creators

Creating Alchemy Elixzar was similar to creating a magical potion. Combining ingredients to create beautiful and beneficial products was the most rewarding part.

With every pour and pinch we saw our vision come to life. Bit by bit a dream became reality.

The idea for Alchemy Elixzar was born the day we learned about the extraordinary benefits of CBD for the skin. We set out to create a skincare range with beauty and wellness ingredients that work in harmony to provide calm and radiance.  


After meticulous development, we fell in love with a formula that now has become a seven-product skincare range. It truly encourages balance from the skin to your internal system.


Our most important goal is to always bring you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe in tangible results you can see and feel, and in the power of nature to bring these results.


Alchemy ELixzar is dedicated to delivering health and well-being through nature, while celebrating limitless possibilities in our commitment to your beauty and health.

We encourage you to bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world.  That includes your unique set of gifts, your personality, your sense of humor and of course your heart. Most importantly no matter what your dreams or obstacles are you have the power to change your life and your skin, by doing so, you’ll change the world.

With more than 14 years’ experience in the Medical and Skin care industry we embarked on a journey like no other.  Both of us have experienced our fair share of trial and error when it came to finding a skincare range that addressed adult acne, dehydrated and very oily skin.  This made it even more important for us to create a range of products that has been personally tested and used before we were happy to send it to market.

We are very excited to share the Alchemy Elixzar skincare range with you and hope that by using these products it brings as much joy to you as it does to us.




Jena and Emi 


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